SMS Bomber APK [Latest] v1.80 Download to Send Unlimited Messages without Paying a Single Penny

SMS Bomber is an app which lets you send unlimited messages to a receiver, without paying a single penny as this is the app which is used for the fun part and a little bit of annoyance. This is an app which will be useful in order to trouble the people without actually causing any harm to them.

SMS Bomber APK is something which fuels the child in us and why should it not as this is the app which lets you have super fun without any of the hassles to the sender and with lots of annoyance to the receiver.

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  • 2 Latest SMS Bomber APK File Information
  • 3 Features of SMS Bomber
  • 4 How to Use SMS Bomber APK?
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Thus wait no more and know more about SMS Bomber Android in the post mentioned below:

SMS Bomber APK

App Name: SMS Bomber APK

Version: v1.80

Developer: UK

Supported Version: Android 2.2+

Last Updated: December 07, 2017  SMS Bomber APK Download

SMS Bomber APK is the app with which you can send spam messages in bulk to anyone you wish to tease or annoy. This is a very safe and secure app and does not cause any problems or hindrance in the functioning of any other apps or the operating system of the Android device.

The SMS Bomber Android is the app which can take you to the memory down the lane when we used to ring the house bells and run away of the neighbourhood houses; it is almost the same experience. So why wait for more go for SMS Bomber APK download.

Latest SMS Bomber APK File Information

ApplicationSMS Bomber APKApp Size2.3MBTotal Downloads25,000+Supported VersionAndroid 2.2+App DeveloperUKLast UpdatedDecember 07, 2017

Features of SMS Bomber

  • SMS Bomber APK is the app which comes with no popups and advertisements.
  • There are no charges to be inculcated in the SMS Bomber APK 2018.
  • SMS Bomber APK is very internet friendly as this is the app which functions in slow connections like 2G.
  • This is one of the very safe and secured apps as no private data of the sender or the receiver has been collected.
  • A variety of other features like an unlimited bomber, call bomber, international text bomber and many more are the added benefits that SMS Bomber provides.

How to Use SMS Bomber APK?

  • After the installation of SMS Bomber APK with the help of the link present below to open the app.
  • After you open the app a dialogue box will open up which will have the space to enter the contact number of the person to whom you want the message to be sent.
  • Also, you will find three buttons; one of them being start process another one stopping the process and the third one being select numbers from the contact list.
  • Just enter the number and the message and you are ready to go.


SMS Bomber is one app which is one safe and secure way to spam and send the messages multiple times to the victim just in order to tease and annoy the other one. This is one of the apps which will not just help you in getting all the fun which will definitely not harm any of the other apps or the functioning of the Android device.

The SMS Bomber Android is the app which also does not invade any of the private space or the data for the sender or the receiver. Thus this is the app which you can certainly consider for all the fun and frolic. Hence wait no more and go for the download of SMS Bomber APK.

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RJ SMS Bomber APK – I have Used Many SMS bombers, but RJ Bomber apk is very Special to me. This is One of the best and Fastest Bomber ever. If you want to crash someone’s inbox by sending Unlimited SMS, then this is the correct one to do the job for you. There are no limitations for sending the SMS to the particular phone number. When we compared this bomber to Bombitup apk, you can see a big difference for sending messages.

Bombitup can only help you to send 150 messages per day, but this RJ Bomber doesn’t have the limits like that. Even it has the Same features what the Bombitup apk is having presently like Protect list, Updates through the app, and Status of the servers. Most importantly Call Bomber is also a part of RJ Bomber apk that lets you send unlimited Calls to the phone number of Indian residents only. International Bomber is not included in RJ Bomber apk as of now. In future, there is a chance of International Bomber too.

Completely free and safe to use if you are intention is good. Otherwise you wise you might face legal action when you used this RJ Bomber apk to desire to obtain revenge. In that case, the developer will not be responsible anymore and your IP address will be stored for security purposes. Use it for Fun purposes and enjoy by bombing to friends or colleagues phones numbers. This may not put you in trouble anymore.

Table of Contents

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    • 1.1 Features of RJ SMS Bomber Apk
  • 2 How to Install RJ SMS Bomber Apk on Android Device
    • 2.1 Final Words:

Download RJ Bomber apk Latest Version for Android

This app is currently available for Android devices. Soon it will be available to other Platforms like IOS and Windows. You have to visit this page for Latest Updates, or you can also get the latest update by an app itself. You will get notified when it gets updated. Download the app RJ SMS Bomber apk from below download link.

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